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Senior Products by Photography 144

My senior collections are designed to allow each family get the best fit for them. 

Each collection features a gorgeous custom photo album, wall art to display, 

gift prints to keep and pass out to your family & friends and digital files for you to keep. 

My upper collections also have extra amazing bonuses for you and of course, you can

opt for any of the add on items to curate a collection that is the perfect amount of items for you!

High School Senior Portraits (21).jpg

Yearbook Image & More

One major goal of your viewing session is to pick 

the most perfect yearbook image for you- the image that shows your personality and will  be an amazing representation of who you were in high school! The second goal is for your family to have prints and products that make you smile each time you see them.  I want you to fill your shelves and your walls with items that you love, and we'll work hard to make sure that the collection you curate is the best fit for your photo needs!

Digital Files!!

I hear so many seniors say 

"I just want the digitals!!". 

Here's the difference between having the rights to a file versus having access to social media files. 

I will share images of each senior I photograph

on my social media. You are welcome to share those images with your followers. However, if you want to print an image, or use it to make your own cards or invitations, etc., then you need to purchase the rights to that image.

EVERY collection comes with digital files and the right to use them!

High School Senior Portraits (51).jpg
4 image senior collage_edited.jpg
Senior portrait Canvas
standing display_edited.png
3 image senior collage_edited.png
senior photo album_edited.png

Favorite items include: 

* 3 or 4 image photo collages
* Canvas prints
* 5x7 image display block (10 images)
* Photo albums 

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