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Sports & Activities

Serving Western Pennsylvania clubs & sports teams with team & individual photos

One of the favorite facets of my company is meeting up with local sports teams & activities to photograph and help create keepsakes of their season and time together. I strive to make the photo day/s convenient for your coaches/teachers & parents. Photo days can be personalized to best fit your club in what products we offer, how we structure the time spent together as well as coach/activity thank you gifts! Contact me to chat further about photographing your child doing what they love!

The 2024 Sports Team Order Sheet. 


Families are encouraged to

fill it in prior to

photo day but

extras are always

on hand!  If you're involved in a music group or preschool, your order form may look slightly different!

Photography 144 has been working with a variety of student groups throughout the Pittsburgh region since 2010.


Long Term Clients include: 

North Hills: Soccer (youth & HS), Basketball, Lacrosse,   

                     Cheerleading, Baseball (youth & HS) & Softball

Pine-Richland: Soccer, HS Band, Baseball & Softball, HS Field Hockey,

                     HS Crew, Football, Cheer, Lacrosse, HS/MS T&F, HS Boys                         Volleyball, HS Girls Golf.

Popular Products

sports memory mate.jpg
Memory Mate.jpg
Photography 144 Magnets.jpg
Photographyy 144 Buttons.jpg
key chain sports photos_edited.png

Memory Mates / Magnets / Buttons / Keychains

Other favorite items include Statuettes, Key Tags, Water Bottles & Trader Cards. Photography 144 is always happy to find & offer additional products for your group.

New Product Alert!!

I'm so excited to have found these two new products

to offer to my athletes! 

On the left is a home plate plaque - it showcases an individual image that's approximately 3x4" and a team photo that is approximately 4x5.5", includes your team logo and name, athlete's name, and the year!

On the right is a cut out magnet. It will be approximately 4 " tall and has a strong magnetic hold.

Some Answers for your Questions!

Photography 144 water bottles.jpg
sports statuette.png



Not at all! You can pick and choose whichever items you'd like! This is your child & their sport: order whatever you'd like!


You don't have to have an individual photo taken, but 

we do ask that everyone be 

present for the group photo!

Crew team plaque.jpg



We always take a group photo with all participants & coaches. 

For the individual photos, it's up to you! Some clients want their child, their child + a friend or their children all together! For any orders with multiple people, I request a separate order form to keep them straight!

Photography 144 key tags.jpg
sports trader cards.jpg


Photography 144 can accept multiple forms of payment on the day of your photo session. Exact cash or check can be accepted in person. Credit cards can be run while you're there OR you can include your credit information on the form if you won't be there with your child.  

North Hills Sports Photos.jpg

We have had the pleasure of working with Angela for the past several years at North Hills Soccer Club.  Angela is flexible, easy to work with and provides an excellent product.  When scheduling photos for a club membership of 400 players, the ability to adapt to our needs has always been met by Angela. We have extended our photo opportunities from one season to two as a result of her work and support.  

It is without hesitation that North Hills Soccer Club recommends Photography 144.


North Hills Soccer Club

Our organization, NA Inline Hockey, had the extreme pleasure of working with Angela for our team pictures this year.  Angela had an amazing rapport with the kids while she took their pictures and was incredibly accommodating to the various needs and changes that occurred during "Covid" season.  Angela offered a wide variety of ways to display your child's picture---mugs, pins and pictures---everything turned out great!!!  Angela took amazing care of each of our 6 teams.  We can't wait to work with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional photographer who takes pride in her work!!!  Angela is the best!!!

North Allegheny Inline Hockey

Pittsburgh Sports Photographer.jpg

Our organization chose to work with Angela over the last few years for several reasons. She is reliable, organized and easy to communicate with. She has a variety of products to purchase, all of them very high quality at reasonable prices. The ordering process is easy to understand and her delivery of the products is one of the things I like best about working with Angela-products are in hand to the customer very quickly after photos have been taken. She is someone I would highly recommend to work with.

Pine-Richland Baseball Softball Association

Looking forward to working with you & your sports team or activity! 

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