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Oakland Catholic Graduate at Hartwood Acres

Oh boy was this session fun! First, it was my first session back post- quarantine. I had felt myself itching to work with a client and Sarah was a wonderful client to spend that time with! I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah and her family through a musical program at our church and was thrilled back in the winter when Sarah said

"Ang, obviously I'm having you take my senior pictures in the spring!!"

That's music to my ears!

We met up at Hartwood Acres in Hampton, Pennsylvania and had the most perfect weather. There was a slight breeze and overcast skies-- couldn't have asked for a better temperature!

Since Sarah's session happened the spring of her graduating year, she already had some incredible insight into her senior experience. We had a teeny Q&A and here's how that went:

Q: Favorite high school experience?

A: My favorite high school experience wasn't a singel moment or even day. It was more of a ritual or tradition. At my high school, there is a lounge area next to the cafeteria that has couches, comfy chairs, and big tables for girls to meet and hangout whenever they don't have a class. But, there's a catch... you have to be a senior to use this space. So, my freshman, sophomore, and junior years, I would walk past the senior lounge patiently waiting until I would be one of those mature, admired seniors who had the privilege of sitting on a couch at school. When the time finally came to use this sacred space, my friend group basically marked our territory and secured a big table every single morning of senior year. And, every single morning I would walk into school a little earlier than I needed to arrive, still groggy, with a coffee in hand, and see all my friends chatting and laughing at our table in the senior lounge. Seeing those smiling faces of my closest friends was the absolute best way to start the day and deep down, I think what was the most special part was that we all just had this feeling of togetherness and accomplishment that we had become those seniors that we had all looked up to our freshman year.

Q: What advice would you pass on to underclassmen?

A: If an underclassmen asked me for advice about high school, I would just tell them to try to think about what is going to matter when they walk across that stage at graduation. For example, drama about not getting invited to a party, receiving a C on a lab report, missing a goal in a soccer game, or anything like that will not matter after a few days of it happening, let alone on graduation day, so just let it go and try to be better next time. Everyone is going to fail and be disappointed, so don't dwell on it.

Wow-- wise words from a kind soul. Sarah impresses me with her maturity, kindness and humor. She has a good connection with helping others and working hard to show love.

Congratulations on your high school graduation, Sarah!

You have so many exciting things ahead of you!

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