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Football Superstar and All Around Nice Guy!

This session was a blast. I know, I know... I say that all the time. I seriously have the best clients!! But this session was super cool because I met this client at his high school football stadium. I loved that his family all arrived for the session, to support him and get him all pumped up! We started at Martorelli Stadium of North Hills High School, which happens to be my alma mater. It was really fun for me to see the stadium in a whole different light and run around with Billy.

**Side note, running up and down the stairs of the stadium is really flippin' hard!! I said no wonder they have the guys work out on there!! Exhausting work out!!

Martorelli Stadium North HIlls Pittsburgh

Really had a great time walking around Martorelli and trying out a bunch of fun football focused images with Billy. He was so agreeable to try different shots, and clearly has a huge love of all things football!

From Martorelli, we headed downtown. Billy also has a big affinity for being outside and fishing, so we thought it would be cool to hang out and take some photos where he enjoys fishing in the city. We also stopped at the (empty) water steps downtown. Can I share a secret? I think I prefer when they're empty-- such a cool photo backdrop for me to get to use!

I never get tired of Pittsburgh sessions. I love that each one can so easily be tailored to the senior and get to showcase the parts of their personality that make them awesome!

This image makes me smile each time I see it. Billy's awesome mom, Janine, mentioned that a friend had a studio session with an American Flag in the background and just loved it. I jokingly said "well, maybe we'll get lucky and see a flag downtown." So we're driving around in the city and don't you know out of the corner of my eye, I think I see a flag. We HAD to loop back around and search the cross streets to find it, but YES-- we got our American Flag!! Tell me your wildest hopes for the session and we'll try as hard as we can to make them happen for you!

Our last few of Billy's session. I truly love driving around with a senior with no clear agenda. We drove and stopped every time we saw a spot that I knew would be an awesome fit for Billy's low key, casual personality. I loved it!

Congratulations, Billy and I hope to hear big things from you with your future football career!!

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