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Get to know North Park in Pittsburgh

Here's the next location that I wanted to highlight as an incredible session location!

North Park encompasses over 3,000 acres in Hampton, McCandless and Pine townships. There's a gorgeous 65 acre lake, a golf course, pool, ice rink, ballfields, nature center, dek hockey rink, and trails! I grew up thinking everyone had the equivalent amazing park in their backyard. I now know just how lucky we all are to have such an amazing park right here North of Pittsburgh.

I often will meet clients at the boathouse, though it is now more commonly known as the area around the Over the Bar restaurant there. It's the easiest place to find, so I start there and then do some version of a tour of the area. Plus, I usually recommend clients to grab food there after the session because it's delicious and super cute inside! AND, when the weather is nice (so most of senior season!) they open the doors on the side of the restaurant so you can look out over the lake, or even sit on the patio there. Incredibly nice, relaxing atmosphere!

One of my favorite parts of senior sessions at North Park is that you can just drive and randomly stop here and there for exactly what you want. When you want to coordinate what your client is wearing with the background, there's no shortage of options here.

The main lake is certainly gorgeous, but there's also several little run offs that make for beautiful backdrops for seniors. In all four seasons, there are limitless options!

One of the greatest parts of North Park is its proximity to me and my clients. It's 20 minutes or less from my North Hills, North Allegheny and Pine-Richland clients!

These images above were taken in the area around the Latodami Nature Center. This gorgeous area within North Park offers programming to schools and scout groups. It has its own little pond, outdoor fire area, bridges and more along the nature trails.

This classic natural area gives so many options within several minutes drive. It's such a special location to many people in our community; from kids coming to play sports there, families enjoying the pool, or biking and jogging around the lake. North Park holds a lot of memories for many who have grown up north of Pittsburgh.

If you're interested in a lovely, low stress location that has all of the options of buildings, nature, water and great sunny spots, then North Park could definitely be a good fit for you! What is your favorite part of the park?

Message me today to start planning your senior session!

Talk soon! Angela

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