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Pittsburgh Session Location Review

Yea, I'll admit it. I can be a little dense sometimes and do things a harder way when a REALLY SIMPLE way exists. Trust me, it's not because I'd rather things the harder way; on the contrary, I think sometimes it happens when I just have my head down, working away (like we do!!) and I don't stop often enough to look up and take stock of how I'm doing things and where I could simplify.

Take Session Locations for Example!

One of the ways that I love to serve each client individually is figuring them out a bit so that I can make a location suggestion that is a good fit for their personality.

Why is this important?

Well, if my client is going for a chill boho vibe and has on a long flowy dress, it might feel mismatched if I have her meet me in a library or amongst larger than life tires for example. On the opposite end, if I have someone wanting a very dressed up formal look, I'm not asking them to lie down in a field of tall grass. It just wouldn't make a ton of sense or aid the continuity from their personality to their clothes to their location.

Okay, that makes sense... so what needs simplified? Glad you asked!

In spite of me having a pretty keen ability to make these suggestions, I always run it past a client and like to have them check it out to confirm AND to get some ideas of what is there and what they could wear that might look even more awesome there! So I'm emailing and grabbing pictures and trying to point clients towards a specific clients' album on my facebook to give them that insight. Enter my 'a ha' moment, thank you Oprah.

What if I simply had a blog for some of my favorite sites that I could easily point my clients towards? WOAH. the simplicity is overwhelming. So here begins a journey of exploring some of those locations via blog posts so you can see what's good!!

Here are the first handful of locations that I'll be highlighting :

Beechwood Farms, North Park, South Side Works, Chatham College at Eden Hall, Downtown Pittsburgh, Martha's Landing, Strip District, downtown Sewickley, Mellon Park and any extra places that are special to you. Enjoy a little teaser of each location and as I add the other blog posts, I'll come back and link directly to each of them!

Do you have a favorite Pittsburgh location that you'd like for me to review and highlight in a blog post? Let me know! If I haven't already shot there, it will give me new location to check out to better fit locations to each client!

Beechwood Farms in Fox Chapel YOUR school/stadium/etc!

South Side Works Martha's Landing

Downtown Pittsburgh

Chatham University at Eden Hall

Downtown Sewickley

North Park

Downtown Pittsburgh

Mellon Park

North Side

I'd love to hear from you! Which of these locations looks amazing to you and why? I think it's so cool to find a spot that really helps to bring out my clients' personality and I'd love to help plan your session!

take care :)


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