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North Catholic Prom & Grad Couple at Hartwood Acres

Oh man was this session a bunch of fun! If you've followed me online previously, you might recognize this lovely lady from several sessions over the years. Our families are very close and I enjoy getting to work with Carlie each and every time! This session allowed me to meet her boyfriend Bryce for the first time. He was so great! Kind, easy going, funny and pretty handsome, too!

We decided to start Carlie and Bryce's session with them all glammed up in the prom outfits. Of course, because of #Covid, their school wasn't able to have their spring prom, their SENIOR prom which is a total bummer. So, they happily donned their duds and got all gorgeous for me to photograph. I even made them dance a little!

One of the reasons that I love Hartwood Acres so much is the variety of options there. Here in their backgrounds we have the Mansion itself. I love how the stone has a whole melange of color within in, from the variety of stone pieces, to the stained glass windows and even the old, dark drain pipes. Then you add in the incredible amount of plants and flower they have. I love how the little yellow flowers are peaking in at the bottom of these images! Pops of color AND flowers always make me happy!

This is freaking adorable, seriously. The sunlight, as you know, I ADORE. You likely didn't know this, but lavender plants are another great love of mine. BUT, what takes the cake is these two sweet humans, dancing in a garden with an incredible amount of love on their faces! What is it about dancing and watching hair flow around and just moving about that makes everything seem to fit together perfectly?! Gorgeous!

Next up, they did a quick outfit change to show off their caps and gowns!

Carlie & Bryce

Graduates from North Catholic High School, Class of 2020

Could these two be much cuter?

We had lots of fun playing around with their caps and it was really nice for them to spend more time in their gowns with all of the changed plans for commencement.

This graduating class continues to impress me with their hope and their continued smiles!

As is become a favorite thing for me to do, I had a little Q & A with Carlie and here are some of her great responses!

Q: Why was having a session like this important to you?

A: The cap and gown and prom session was a memorable experience because I was able to get dressed up and forget about all the special events that got changed or taken away because of the pandemic. I can look back on these photos forever and realize how happy I was rather than trying to focus on how my senior year got cut short. 

Q: Favorite high school memory?

A: My favorite memory from senior year was probably the week leading up to homecoming aka spirit week. We had themed days that just brought the entire school together. I think I smiled more than week than any other time in high school. The cherry on top was of course the seniors winning the powder puff tournament at the end of the week. 

Q: Advice to underclassmen?

A: I would tell underclassmen to value the small moments of high school. Of course you are going to remember the big accomplishments such as winning championships, or going to dances, but never forget the small moments that put smiles on your face. I know some of my favorite memories from school are from joking around in class, at lunch, or in the locker room. All these moments really add up and bring you your closest friends. 

Q: Any insight into working with Photography 144?

A: Angela made my whole senior experience one that is unforgettable. She always made sure I was comfortable and she found ways to bring out a natural smile that brought out my true personality. Angela was open to any suggestions of locations and outfits and she loves when you want to try something out of the ordinary. I was amazed at the way all the photos turned out and I always receive compliments on them! Any future seniors should be sure to work with her! 

Congratulations, Carlie and Bryce! You were such a delight to work with and I'm so glad that I was able to help make some senior memories for you. Best wishes to each of you as you begin your college experience very soon!

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