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North Hills 2020 Graduate Headed to Baldwin Wallace

This girl is one of a kind! I had the great pleasure of not only photographing Kate's senior pictures last fall, but also her brother Jack's in the fall of 2017 and their oldest sister Maddie in the fall of 2014. It is truly a privilege for me to get to work with multiple siblings. Not only is it fun for me, because I am been able to keep in touch with the families and hear all about what they've been up to. BUT! It's also a great help to be able to continue to serve the same families and offer them the same products over the years. In fact, I've had several families fall in love with a new product of mind and go back to order the new product with photos from past sessions which I get a kick out of for sure!

I had previously met up with Kate at Mellon Park for her senior portraits, which was a blast. We had perfect sunshine for that session and had no problem laughing and chatting through the entire session. I was excited to get to work with Kate again on her cap and gown session this past late spring.

Kate graduated from North Hills High School in this great year of #covidgraduationceremonies What a year indeed. I loved that she wanted to capture the full ensemble with her custom face mask!! You have to enter into these kinds of events with a good sense of humor, which Kate has plenty to spare!

Kate has her sights set on Baldwin Wallace, and in fact, just moved in to her freshman facility this past week! What an exciting time for all freshman!

This girl and her smile!! Truly lights up a room-- I told her mom, she is just such a joy to be around and I know her positive outlook will serve her so well in college and beyond!

Can you hear her laughing in this image?

I asked her to look at her mom, who happened

to be either making a face at her, or just laughing


Guys, I saw this picture and I laughed OUT LOUD. I did! It's that contagious--

I asked Kate to jot down some fun facts and wise words to share here on her blog:

"I will be Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. I am so excited to move to a new city and meet new people. Μy favorite memory from senior year was Senior Night for swimming. It was wonderful to be showered with attention with the people I love most. I swam with these people for 12+ years and our last swim together as one team was really special."

Kate's advice for underclassmen comes from her experience of losing the end of her senior year: "Enjoy every moment of high school-the wins, the losses, the good days, and the bad days. I wish I would have enjoyed more of my senior year instead of counting down the days until graduation. But losing those last three months made me realize how every day is a gift. I know it’s a cliche but it's very true. I was able to finish my swim season, go to all the football games, homecoming and so much more. I decided to focus on all of the experiences I already had instead of moping about my losses. So, don’t skip school because you don’t feel like going. I would give anything to be able to go back for just one day."

Incredibly wise words from a gentle soul. You really don't fully understand how good something was until it's gone. I hope that plenty of people choose to find the good in their situation like Kate has, and to appreciate all of the good that they've been able to have!

Kate, I wish you the best of luck at Baldwin Wallace and I can't wait to hear about your adventures there!

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