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North Hills 2021 Grad at Gorgeous Beechwood Farm

Another PHENOMENAL senior is

on the blog today!

HANNAH was such a doll to work with; truly one of the sweetest girls!! We met up at Beechwood Farms outside of Pittsburgh. What a cool place for pictures!

Beechwood Farms teaches classes, has a huge pond where people are allowed to come fish and is just a really gorgeous location. Small world fact, my mom just informed me that we took a family class there when I was a kid. We learned how to collect maple sap!! How fun :)

Hannah is a class of 2021 senior at North Hills High School in Pittsburgh. She was so ready for her senior session and we had a great time making the day special for her!

The background of this shot makes Hannah glow with happiness! Her bright spirit made the session fly by as we were laughing and walking around! Plus this pretty shirt was a perfect match for her sunny disposition! I loved the variety of clothes looks that Hannah brought for her session!

This maroon top gave us a very comfortable, casual look that equally suited Hannah. She was just as comfortable in jeans as she was in the following adorable sundresses! Hannah said she loves sundresses and was having a hard time choosing between a few... no problem-- let's use them ALL!! Senior sessions can and should look different for every single senior. If you want 2 outfits the whole time, that's up to you... if you want way more like Hannah, sign me up for it!

Hannah was game for my every request, so that was super fun! Hannah looked

marvelous walking the runway here for me! There's something so fun about photos with movement and authentic giggles! I love it!

This fun sundress was lovely on Hannah, too! We made our way through the property down to the lake. I love the look of water as a backdrop. Hannah looks so relaxed here, too-- which I'm sure is no coincidence! I just love being near and hearing the sound of water!

I always think the look of vans with a dress is ridiculously cute! It's that in between spot where comfort and cuteness meet perfectly! Hannah looked amazing in this pink dress!

Really enjoyed getting to know Hannah -- her personality continued to open up as the session continued and I was so glad to work with her and her sweet mom. We laughed and had a grand time throughout her session!

Best wishes to Hannah and the class of 2021 as they finish up this school year strong!

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