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Star Wars "May the Fourth" Family Fun

Okay so let's start with Captain Obvious... it's May 6th as I write this post. Two days late. I was thinking about it all day on the 4th and it just wasn't in the cards for me to sit here and type. So, please, I beg your forgiveness... and I think you'll give it to me once you see these awesome pictures. Now the second thing -- speaking of running late -- is that these pictures are from 2018!! Hilarious. In the back of my mind, yes I knew we shot these, and I knew I had them somewhere on my computer, but I don't think I looked THAT closely at them until today. My excuses?? Reagan was only a few months old and not sleeping or eating well, my mom had a knee replacement surgery that had caused all sorts of issues, and here we were taking our Halloween pictures in December of 2018. Life happens, man.

This session was clearly meant to happen though, one way or the other. And these pictures are... EPIC.

I love how little baby Reagan is pointing at Carter, like she's focusing her Yoda energy on making him do something. (very likely, by the way!!)

The folks behind their masks :) I love that Sammy didn't care about her space buns wig not quite fitting properly, ha!

Have laser, will shoot!

Aah, Star Wars, where chickens roam free!

I adore that cute little smile as much as the big one!

My friend Kathleen made these amazing Yoda ears!!

Such serious acting-- take note!

I can hear Dave laughing in this picture. This is his crazy laugh so the other kids can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness!! Whatever it takes for a good laugh, right?!

So yes, this shoot was 4+ years ago, but I'll be darned if this didn't bring up some really fun and funny family memories for us. Makes me think I want to do another family themed Halloween costume. Has that ship sailed with my crew? We'll see! I promise to not wait 4 years to share the pics next time!

For information on a fun family shoot, email me-- I'd love to work with your sillies!

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