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When Should I Schedule Senior Pictures?

Hi friends! So many parents of seniors start out with the exact same question...


There are a handful of factors to help you decide the perfect session date/s for you or your senior!

1. Yearbook Photo Due Date: When is the image due to your school yearbook staff? Or, is it due?

Some schools require you to use a particular photographer to be placed in the yearbook. If that's your school, you'll get that mini session done in the fall and then you can choose ANYTIME you want for your full session with me!

If you know it's due at the end of October, we'd want to shoot at least a month before the due date to make sure we're not rushing the entire process and decision!

The last thing some families like to know is that we can split your session so you can have multiple seasons showcasing your year!

2. What is YOUR Calendar like?

Lots of seniors are SUPER busy! There are school trips, vacations, work, hanging out with friends, training for sports and more!

If you know that your spring (or summer or whenever) always gets busy at a particular time, let's schedule before that. You'll have more available options for dates + you won't be stressed about leaving one activity just in time to get to your session. Your session should be a fun experience, including the getting ready part!

Another common thought: Sometimes seniors like to wait a little bit into the summer so they can have a little bit of a sun kissed look for their session!

3. Which season do you love the look of? Or, that matches your skin tones best?

Maybe you love the fresh look of bright greens and brand new flower buds. Maybe you prefer the oranges and reds of fall. Your session should highlight that preference!

Additionally, the colors that you're drawn to or that your skin seems to 'pop' when you wear can give some insight into which time of year might be the best fit to further the session being catered to you!

4. How flexible is your day to day schedule?

Does your spring fly by and then all of a sudden it's July and oops you haven't scheduled pictures yet? In Pittsburgh, my most popular months for senior sessions are July, August, September and early October. If you don't call me until July, chances are high that we will have far fewer options together. Not impossible, just less wiggle room. I'm the kind of person that prefers to get something on the calendar weeks or months early and then I know it'll happen. Either way is fine by me, but know that the ideal timeline gives you at least a month to prep yourself for the best senior experience! I have my senior questionnaire, we talk back and forth about locations, outfits, and more. It's nice to not feel rushed!

So... when should YOU schedule?!

Reach out to me at any time to help you to discern the best time for you. I'd love to chat on the phone, pick your brain about you or your senior and to help you choose the best option. Right now, it's currently early April and several families have scheduled already for this summer (that's the summer between junior and senior year). The time will be maximized and be amazing any time of year! We'll find the beauty in the outdoors any time of year what AND pick your location and outfits accordingly and it will be perfect!!

Call me or email me anytime to start chatting about your upcoming senior experience!

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